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Christmas Project, The

Caitlin E.J. Meyer, Jacob Muster, Skyler M. Day, Caroline Labrum
Michael Buster
Sally Meyer
Jennifer Buster, Jarrod Phillips
Production Status
Completion Year
Christmas, the most magical time of the year at the Buckley household is
just around the corner, and the Buckley Brothers can’t wait for it to arrive!
Matthew, second in command and always under the thumb of his older
brother Simon, decides to get his hands on the infamous Christmas
Catalog first this year, and keep it from his brothers. That way he can order
his toys, destroy the catalog and gain the upper hand on Simon.
Matthew waits by the mailbox every day for the catalog to arrive, but his
plans to sabotage Simon’s Christmas, are sidetracked when the lovely
Juniper Goodman moves in across the street.
Matthew and Simon both fall instantly in love with Juniper, creating a war to
end all wars between them, as they vie for her affections.
To further complicate matters, their mother chooses Finn Hagbart,
Matthew’s archenemy, to be the recipient of the Buckley’s annual tradition
of giving treats to those less fortunate.
But this year, the treat giving, affectionately dubbed the Elving Project,
becomes a total nightmare for the Buckley boys, especially Matthew.
Forced to endure the constant torture by day, and deliver treats to their
enemies at night, is sucking the Christmas spirit right out of the Buckley
Brothers. And Matthew decides to do something about it.
However, a change of heart happens when Matthew pulls a cruel prank on
Finn as payback. Instead of feeling happy when Finn into trouble, Matthew
sees his pain, and realizes there could be more to the Hagbarts than meets
the eye.
As the Buckleys continue with the Elving Project, Matthew finally learns the
true meaning of Christmas as he witnesses the delight of the Hagbarts as
they receive the simple Christmas treats each night.
And inexplicably that Christmas Catalog suddenly is not important to
Matthew at all.

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