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Ways to Save on Your Honeymoon

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Ways to Save on Your Honeymoon

  • Use your points
    Your honeymoon is the perfect time to cash in on all the points your gained from spending on the wedding. Most credit card companies offer bonus points when spending. You may even have enough for a free airfare which is a huge win, of course, and even if you don’t have enough miles for that, you can still settle for an upgrade from economy to first class, to begin and end your honeymoon in style.
  • Opt for a honeymoon registry 
    Rather than choosing a list of gifts for your new home, ask your guests to contribute towards your honeymoon instead. Depending on your destination and choice of agency there are a wide range of companies that have this option set up already.
  • Think currency 
    A poor currency exchange can sabotage your budget (for example, the dollar is only worth three-quarters of a euro). You’re better off (at least financially) finding a destination where your money has more value, like Iceland, Mexico or the Czech Republic.
  • Take advantage of the shoulder season.
    Every destination has a high and low season, during the high season there are crowds and high prices, while the low season is cheaper (usually because the weather is lousy). Shoulder seasons, however, are right on the cusp of high and low, so the prices are more reasonable because there’s less demand and the weather is still pretty good. Shoulder season for the Caribbean is late spring and fall, or for Europe, it’s late spring or early fall.
  • Consider an all Inclusive hotel
    One of the best reasons to honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort is you know exactly what it’ll cost you, budgeting at its easiest. If you love to eat and drink, you’ll get your money’s worth.
  • Fly off-peek
    Flights on the weekends tend to be more expensive, consider flights in the middle of the week. If you’re going abroad, leave on a Monday or a Tuesday for the best deals.
  • Don’t forget to mention your newlyweds 
    You can often leverage the fact that you’re on your honeymoon for special (and free) extras. We can’t guarantee you will get anything, but it’s worth telling the receptionist you’ll be spending your first days of married life with them. We’ve heard of couples getting complimentary room upgrades. It’s also worth dropping the h-word when you’re at airport check-in, and any bartender’s bound to offer a round on the house.
  • Explore more
    Using local transport while on your honeymoon can help you explore the city more, avoid hotel cabs, unless you’re renting a car, do like the locals and ride mass transit. Cab rides, while convenient, are notorious budget busters. Before you travel, familiarise yourself with your honeymoon spot’s main modes of transportation, be it metro, tram or bus. Saving money isn’t the only benefit of mass transit, in congested cities, the metro is often the quickest way across town. Stray away from the hotel restaurants, as they might be slightly more pricey than the city consult a guidebook or ask a local for a better, budget-friendly find.
  • Prepare a few meals
    If you’re not in an all-inclusive resort, venture out to a local market and buy some snacks, opt for an oatmeal or granola bar as a quick hotel room breakfasts is an easy way to save money (and time if you’re headed out for an early adventure). Grab a sandwich for lunch and find a secluded spot and enjoy a private lunch, you’ll save money without feeling like you’re scrimping on romance.
  • Packages 
    Some hotels offer a honeymoon package, take a close look to see if it’s really going to save you anything. If the offer is six nights for the price of five, that’s worthwhile. If the package brings an evening rose petal turndown service plus champagne for an added $200, buy a bottle of prosecco and toast to your budgeting skills instead.
  • Get a room with no view 
    Check any hotel’s website and you’ll find a range of room rates. A room’s size and view are two factors that hike up the price. Cut your accommodation’s cost by booking a room looking out at a slightly less attractive landscape. When you spend most of your time on the beach, you’ll hardly notice whether your room has a view of the ocean or a garden, and the savings can be significant.
  • Destination wedding
    If you’re having a wedding abroad, you can include your honeymoon as apart of your trip, it will surely save you money on flying out to another destination. The hotel may even offer you a better rate for staying with them longer.

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