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Wedding Cakes Tips and Inspirations A Touch of White

Hello readers,

Today’s post is all about wedding cakes. Including inspirational designs, colour contrasts, tips, and traditions you may like to implement in your wedding. I found it so difficult to stick to my pre-wedding diet while writing this post today, the cake photos look so delicious, and mouth-watering, that I was left instantly craving for slice of cake.

Points to consider, when deciding on your wedding cake:

  1. Colour theme:
    Your cake must match your wedding colours.
  2. Size & Shape:
    Would you like a tier cake? If so how many layers, would it be square or circular?
  3. Flavours:
    Choose a mutual flavour that pleases everyone, like vanilla, if you want it coloured they can add colouring to the sponge. It is best to always ask the baker, what choices they have.
  4. Would you like fondant? Or butter cream?
    Some bakers offer both, its best to ask them what options they can offer.
  5. Decoration:
    Would you like real flowers on your cake? Or sugar flowers? Bakers can create absolutely anything you desire (Ribbons, Butterflies etc) with sugar. So let your imagination run wild.
  6. Season:
    Your wedding seasons determines what kind of cake you will be having in terms of colours and design.
  7. Time:
    find out how long they need to make your wedding cake, its best to book your cake well in advance giving them enough time to prepare.
  8. Budget:
    Discuss your budget with the baker, so you can both work together to achieve the design you want within your price range.
  9. Know your numbers:
    Roughly how many guests are you expecting? This figure helps determine the cost and size of your cake.
  10. Ask questions:
    Do they provide cake stands? Do they deliver? These are small points every bride tends to forget, however they are very important so take note.
  11. Be prepared for your design meeting:
    Bring along inspirational photos, colour swatches, and a picture of your dress. So that the baker can grasp an understanding of what your wedding theme would be like, to creating a cake suitable most for you.
  12. Do your research:
    Before deciding on your baker, ask previous brides about their experiences and recommendations.
  13. Cake toppers:
    They either make or break your cake. If you have an elaborate cake, adding a topper would not be a good idea, however if your cake is simple, then a topper would be a great touch.

below you can find a selection of my favourite cake designs this season:

(You can find more inspirational cake designs on our Cake page)

  • Cutting the cake:
    Is the moment everyone is waiting for at your wedding, it is just like the First dance, or First kiss. Cutting your cake means guests get a chance to try the cake they have been eyeing throughout the reception, the photographers await to capture this moment, and it is also considered a sign for the elderly guests to let them know its ok to leave if they want.
  • Cake face:
    The moment the bride and groom take the first bite of the cake. Some may be slightly more playful than others, and put the cake on each others faces, but no bride wants cake on her face in the wedding. So please be gentle. (I think I need to go over this point with my fiancée before our wedding, as he find it funny to push the cake against my nose, and I fall for it, all the time)
  • Save a tier:
    Some couples like to save the top-tier of the cake for their first wedding anniversary, you can do this by placing it in a sealed container in the freezer.

I hope your enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you do have any questions please leave them in the comment box below, or feel free to email us directly via our web contact page. 

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Lara Barakat

A Touch of White is a Wedding and Beauty blog written by Lara Barakat – a professional Wedding Planner, and Columnist.



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